Rare Mosin-Nagant Bolt 8mm Mauser or 30-06 caliber

This is a most uncommon Mosin Nagant rifle bolt because it is made to fire 8mm Mauser or 30-06 caliber instead of the ususal 7.62 X 54R caliber. I have inspected a Mosin stamped Deutschland that was captured by Germany during WWI, and the Germans converted a number to fire the standard 8 X57 German Mauser, and the Poles issued Mosins converted to 8 X 57 as the 1891/98/25, and a number of Mosin-Nagant rifles were commercially converted to 30-06 after WWI in the United States. You can see from the picture that a standard 8mm Mauser/30-06 round fits the bolt head and extractor perfectly ( a standard 7.62R bolt head is shown in the photo for comparison, and is NOT included in the auction). The rest of the bolt is unmodified and when I put a standard 7.62 bolt head onto this bolt it feeds 7.62 dummy rounds through my 91/30 and Finnish Model 39 perfectly. I think the bolt is a standard Imperial Russian made bolt, and I do not know if it is a German, Polish, or American conversion. The bolt was exposed to weather or poor storage and appears to have been polished, but it looks decent, is sound, and works fine, bolt face is OK, and firing pin is fine with good tip and strong spring- no rust active rust anyw Mosin collectors should not pass this one up, because you just don't find parts to these very often regardless of condition.

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