Rare Multi Blade Kershaw NO. 1098 L with sheath

This is an unusual and hard to find combination knife. As you can see it has an all around gutting, caping, skinning blade, and just by opening the handle grip you can put on the guthook skinner blade or the saw/bone blade. These combination knives especially with the soft grip are hard to find and getting harder. The belt looped sheath has a pocket for the normal knife blade and then a pocket toward the belt that holds the gut hook skinner and saw in place very well. The blades are in very good shape with no oversharpening, scratching, or abuse. The sheathe has staines w the rivets have agest but the stitching and leather is in very good shape other than that. I wish I could describe how well the handle feels it does not slip and it is cushoned to make it squeezable for gripping. Don't let this one slip out of your hands if you are a hunter. Just another of the fine hunting, fighting, special use, knives bayonets, pocket knives, Schrade, that we are bringing for your buying pleasure since we have a few knives this time we will combine for shipping savings if you buy one or more.