((Rare)) Oceanic White-Tip Shark Jaw,,,great teeth jaws

HI T,,, UP FOR BID IS THIS (POSITIVE I.D.) AND VERY RARE AND VERY HARD TO UPTAIN "OCEANIC WHITE-TIP SHARK JAW"... THIS JAW CAME FROM A (MALE) SHARK AND THE SHARK WAS (273 cm ) LONG and (230 lbs ) This is not a common bull shark -carcharhinus leucas- but is a "very rare" oceanic white-tip- carcharhinus longimanus These species have very similar jaws when both are adult- however you can distinguish one from another thanks to: tooth count: 13 big teeth in the upper half and 12 big teeth in the lower half for a bull(it may vary but it is very rare indeed) 14 to 15 in the upper half and 14 to 15 in the lower-the range is wider in this species. The best way to distinguish one from another is to look at the lower teeth: the longimanus has roots more perpendicular( teeth look like an inverted T ) to the crown than the leucas which displays more forked roots(teeth look like an inverted Y ) THE MEASUREMENTS OF THIS JAW ARE AS FOLLOWS: 10 5/16 INCHES WIDE OR ( 26.2 CM ) & 8 9/16 INCHES HIGH OR ( 21.7 CM ) ... IT'S VERY HARD TO GET THIS KIND OF JAW IN THE FIRST PLACE,,, AS I'M SURE YOU KNOW!!! AND EVEN HARDER TO GET ONE IN AS NICE OF CONDITION THAT THIS ONE IS IN AND EVEN HARDER TO FIND ONE WITH DATA ON IT LIKE THIS ONE COMES WITH,,,, PLEASE LOOK FOR YOURSELF BELOW AT THE 12 PICTURES OF THIS JAW THAT THE WINNING BIDDER WILL RECIEVE ,,,,, ... read more