Rare Old Theater Sewing Box--Tiffany.Young Ellis--1847

This is an unusual old wooden sewing box with brass inlay (some is loose) on the top and front. The brass work on the corners has decorative etching. The interior is spectacular though worn and incomplete. The inside lid has a mirror with side column pillars of velvet, braiding outlining lace curtains, top treatment of pleated fabric and a valence of silk fabric with gold and cream braids intertwined with pearls. Brass accents adorn the side columns and top treatment. In the center is an upright velvet holder for implements. The scissors, needle case, treader, and needle are still t and are beautiful with ornate gold handles. The bottom replicates a stage with a decorative sheer silk white "floor" outlined with a thin brown cord or braid. On the tier higher than the "floor" of the stage are four compartments--two covered with velvet lids and brass handles. On another tier are two recessed areas for thread both of which contain original thread spools--one in multi-yellows and rust and the other in multi-blues and whites. In the center of the thread is the original gold thimble. Pleated silk material, two or three layers of braiding, and a cord running around all four sides of the top inside as well as the mirrored section, complete this outstanding piece. Since it is very old, however, it shows signs of dirt on the inside and some ... read more