RARE Opalescent Toothpick Holder Amber Top 1876 MINT

This auction is for a RARE Opalescent Adonis Swirl ... also known as Gonterman Swirl, Amber Topped Toothpick Holder. This was made in 1876 by the Aetna Glass & Mfg. Company in Bellaire, Ohio. This type of glass is hard to make so it is hard to come by. Whenever two pieces of glass were added together, if the temperature was not almost the same ... one or the other piece of glass would crack ... or just plain Break. This beautiful toothpick holder is just perfect. You can actually see a mark from a tool that was used to attach the Amber Glass top to the Opalescent Base, just little press lines, really quite nice. T is no wear that I can see, not even on the bottom, really amazing since this piece is at least 130+ years old. T are no tiny flea bites, no nicks, no chips, no cracks, no scratches. The only thing you see is the imperfections of few small bubbles and wavy or marks in the glass, the dark black looking marks on the base of this toothpick holder is from something in the glass when this piece was made, which happened during the manufacturing process of the era. You will be able to see better in person. This little imperfection makes this toothpick holder truly "One of a Kind". If you want Great Antiques ... then this auction is for you. The new owner will be very, very happy with this item.

Size: 2 1/2 inches tall,
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