RARE Original Civil War War Shako - Excelsior Brigade

AUTHENTIC , ORIGINAL and RARE Civil War leather shako, worn only by a select few regiments of the Union Army. This particular example is a fine one, and comes complete with the authentic eagle plate and pom. These particular shako's were issued only to the 62nd and 83rd Pennsylvania, the 18th Massachusetts, and 49th and 72nd NY. Civil war head gear is getting harder and harder to find and is being coveted by dealers and collectors alike. The plate is missing two of three fastener prongs so I have it attached with wire which is almost unnoticeable. Could be fixed of course. The thin leather chin strap is missing, but I have never seen one w it was present so that is quite common. Overall a very attractive and rare EARLY war example of headgear that continues to climb in price as fewer and fewer of them are discovered and offered for sale. This is NOT a repro item, but is 100% authentic. Please let me know if you need more pics or information. No reserve. Insurance included in shipping price.