~Rare ORIGINAL not repro KOZMO.com CHROME Messenger Bag

The ORIGINAL Chrome bag!!! Your saying to yourself, "Original?!, what the heck is this guy talkin' about?!" KNOW YOUR KOZMO BAGS!!! and all will be revealed... I have noticed a rash of Kozmo bags on sale lately, and I have also noticed that they are NOT the original Kozmo messenger bags that the Kozmo employees used. They are the reproductions that Chrome bags produced AFTER Kozmo went under! How do I know this? Well, I'll tell you. I LOVED KOZMO! I used them ever chance I got, back in the day! I was also friendly with a lot of the delivery guys. They were awesome and to this day, my eyes well up just thinking about the amazing service they provided in this city...Also. I am a huge Chrome bags fan (I own 2). I was very well versed with their bags back in the day. And considered buying one of their reproductions when they started offering them. Luckily for me, they sold out of them fairly quickly and missed the boat. I acquired this original bag shortly after from an ex-employee. And it's the real deal folks. Now you ask yourself, "What's the difference?" Well, kids, I'll tell you--in pictures... First, mind you, this is a used (but not abused) bag. It was very lightly used by a Kozmo delivery dude. And then by me as my photo gear bag. I only used it on long trips, so it was used by me, maybe a total of 5-6 times. It is huge! It is ... read more