Rare ORIGINAL WWII USAAF AAF B-25 B-25H Flight Manual

Offered today is a very early ORIGINAL B-25H model flight manual. Dated January 25, 1944, this manual is marked Restricted and is in great shape. The manual covers all aspects of flying and operating the B-25H model bomber. The B-25H was unique in that it was modified with a 20mm cannon in the nose. Mostly used for anti-shipping and strafing attacks in the Pacific, the B-25H also was used in the the 12th AF in Italy. All and all this manual is in great shape with no damage to note other than your usual light browning/yellowing on the corners and edges. The colors used are still bright and vibrant. The only issue I can find with it, is page 97 and page 98 (the reverse side of page 97) is missing. This single page covers cold weather operating instructions. Other than that page, t is no other issues with the manual.

I don't think the missing page detracts from the overall content of the manual (copies are out t that you could get a new last page for it), however with that said, I will be offering it with no reserve and a low starting price. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Shipping will be determined by the high bidders location. I do NOT charge B.S. handling or material fees!