Hello Collectors, we have a Very Stunning Philco Transitone Tube Radio Model number 6P1-6P2.Factory number 4371.It is a 6 Tube Radio.These are the tubes in it, Raytheon 3Q5 GT,Raytheon 70L7 GT,Raytheon 1N5 GT.Raytheon 1H5 GT,GE 1A7 GT,KEN RAD 1P5 GT.It has the patent paper in the bottom and the warning on operating AC,DC.It has the number 16 on the back bottom plate.It has a Switch for Battery A.C. D.C. 115 Volts. The radio has another switch and has the letters A,L.It has the tube Layout Paper that is signed Model 6P1-6P2, Factory Number 4371.On the front the radio has two Bake-Lite knobs,.It is signed on the stations Philco Transitone ,Broadcast,Meters.T is not any cracks to the plastic face.The plastic face is a little dirty inside and will need cleaned.T is a pocket in the back door and t is Two wires in a pouch that is signed Majestic Mighty Monarch of the Air,Wave Range Finder.The leather handle has some wear,The leather handle is Not Ripped it just has leather pealed off.The Radio is in Excellent shape with Minor Wear.The Cords are in Excellent Shape.When I turn the Radio on I get a Loud Hum.Very Clean Radio.This is one of the Coolest Philco Radio's I have Offered for Sale.I Do not know the Year.Must have for any Serious Collector.Dont let this one slip away!! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED MORE PICTURES FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ... read more