RARE "Picturesque Hawaii" Book Trade Ad, c. 1894 - John L. Stevens

An exceptional piece of American political and popular culture that depicts U.S. - Hawaiian relations during the Hawaiian monarchy of Queen Liliuokalani .

A rare example of the racial stereotyping of Queen Liliuokalani as a Black American Negro opposite an dyspeptic Uncle Sam . A great editorial cartoon illustration for the period despite the racism.

Uncle Sam seems to be puffing on Hawaii tobacco -- a new one for me -- named after the Blount Report (James Henderson Blount) and Albert Willis who were part of the attempt to reconstitute the Hawaiian monarchy during the President Cleveland term of office.

Printed as a promotional piece for John L. Stevens' book of Hawaiian photographs. Stevens was a Ex-Minister to Hawaii and was instrumental in the ultimate annexation of the islands by the U.S. The book was subtitled: A Charming description of her unique history, Strange People, Exquisite Climate, Wonderous Volcanoes, Luxurious Productions, Beautiful Cities, Corrupt Monarchy, Recent Revolution and Provisional Government .

Terrific woodblock typography with various fonts and styles. Printed for T.S. Burns, Cash Grocer, Jacob & Seneca Sts; Penn Yan, N. Y.

Size: Image size 9 1/2" X 11 7/8" H; mounted on paper 9 3/4
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