Just how scarce are PINK SLAG CRUETS? VERY SCARCE! We have been keeping track of our sales since we bought our first computer in 1987. We were astonished to discover that we have sold six Decorated Mount Washington Burmese Cruets (all in the $ 2,500.00 to $ 5,500.00 price range) and only TWO Pink Slag Cruets - and that was back in June, 2000 (and the other one in September, 1990.)
Furthermore, not only is this cruet an extremely rare find, it is a picture-perfect color representation of just how lovely Pink Slag can be. Everything is original and in mint condition. If you collect Pink Slag, if you collect fine cruets, we have said enough. So, we respectfully suggest that you give this cruet your immediate and full attention. 6 ¾” tall. The price, $ 1,975.00 Questions? Contact us at our Email address or phone (9:00 AM to 10:00 PM EDST) . >>>THE BURMESE CRUET ALWAYS OFFERS A THREE-DAY UNCONDITIONAL RETURN PRIVILEGE AND, IF RETURNED, WE REIMBURSE RETURN POSTAGE! THE BURMESE CRUET ALWAYS SENDS ITEMS BY REGISTERED MAIL AT OUR EXPENSE! THE BURMESE CRUET ALWAYS OFFERS INTEREST FREE LAY-A-WAYS!