I collect bookends and have for 19 years and this is the first time I have ever seen this set anyw, nor is it in any of my antique and vintage cast metal bookend reference guides. They are clearly from the very early days of bookends, I would put them right around 1920 since they are nouveau, pure, in style and origin. They show a classical roman or greek male figure, just a drape around his loins and a leather strap containing a water jug and an empty leather sack or satchel on his back. He has those classical greek close cut curly hair styles like the statues on the Acropolis and that is actually what he looks like. I think he is a hunter, that woud explain the empty bag on his back and the water bottle. He carries a bronze stick or pipe between his hands. This must be a weapon? It is not broken or damaged, this is original to the pieces and they have no damage at all. So this stick or piece of metal must serve one of two purposes. A throwing stick for hunting? Or sometime of a stick used in the greek olympiad or olympic games, similar to a lead shotput or javelin. I say that because the male figure is twisting in a position w he is ready to throw this item. The rest of a drape or stole or toga is among his feet on the rocky base. These measure 6 inches tall and weighalmost 4 pounds the pair. They have the best antique bronze patina, ... read more