Authentic Native Negrito Tribe BOW W/ QUIVER & 2 ARROWS You are bidding on a very hard to find RARE Item. This is probably a once in a life time find! This is an authentic bow and quiver with 2 arrows that came from Northern Luzon about 200 miles from Monila, Phillipines. It is hand made by the Negrito Tribe. My husband purchased it from the Negrito Tribe back in 1966 when he made a trip into the jungles. He had the opportunity to make this trip while he was stationed during duty in the Phillipines. The bow, quiver and arrows are made of wood and hand carved. The quiver looks like it might be made of bamboo. It is carved with a figure and holds 2 arrows. They can slide in from the top and out the bottom. The arrow have metal tips. Only one has feathers left. The other has feathers, but they are worn. The arrows are 29 1/2" long. The bow is 40 1/4" tip to tip and approx. 9" between the string and holding area. This is a very unique find and a great authentic piece for your decor. It is hard to get good pictures because the wood is so dark. T is no reserve. If you have any questions, I will be happy to ask my husband and hopefully he can answer them for me. If you are interested, I also have a hatchet and a spear from this same tribe. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BOOKS, HALLMARK ITEMS, DOLLS, TOYS AND OTHER VINTAGE ITEMS AND COLLECTIBLES ... read more