Rare Puma Knife - 1930's Ornate Youth Dagger

Up for bid is this highly sought after Puma collectors piece. This knife was made in the 1930's and is called a ornate youth dagger. The blade is 5 1/2" long while the total overall length of the knife is 10". This particular knife has the stag scales (bone scales were was also produced) . Another unique feature with this particular knife up for auction is the style of its original sheath. Research has shown that t may have been up to three variations of sheath for this particular knife - the sheath with this particular knife is not often seen. The combination of knife style, sheath and overall condition makes this truely a knife for your collection - especially if your a puma fan or collector!!! Please carefully study the pictures of the knife up for bid and you'll notice that it's never been sharpened and is what I consider to be in mint condition. Search long and hard but you'll not see this knife in this condition with this unique sheath for quiet a while on Ebay (or for that matter anyw else). Happy Bidding !