RARE Purple Iolite Sunstone SS Pendant ~ Insight Amulet

Beautiful, Sparkling

RARE Iolite-Sunstone


Sterling Silver

Handcrafted Wrap Art Pendant



I am so excited that I can offer this beautiful cabochon of Iolite-Sunstone on eBay!!!! It's Iolite (also known as Cordierite), which I had NEVER seen in cabochons (until recently), that happens to have naturally occurring Sunstone inside!!! I found it at a gem show! I hope you can tell by looking at a few photos that I made outside that the stone has both a violet and a deep sunset hue when you look through it with light behind it. When viewed in dim lighting, it looks like that manmade product called "Blue Goldstone", but this is REAL STONE!!!! When viewed in direct sunlight, it sparkles. But when you look through it at the sunlight, WOW! It's a whole different pendant! And, of course, the material is rarely found, so it happens to be a bit expensive, too! ~*~grin~*~ Of course, you know I love offering unusual and unique items on eBay, right!?!

I hope that a Lightworker or Reiki practitioner will be the new owner of this potent pendant. I am just so tickled to be able to offer this lovely Iolite-Sunstone Pendant on eBay! Please note that although I tried very hard, I could not get the exact color on my photos. The photos cannot show you the

Pendant's Approximate Measurements:
Approximately 2-3/16" tall, 7/8" wide, and almost 7/16" thick at the swirls part of the pendant. The stone's measurements are approximately: 38.75mm x 20.75mm x 5.75mm thick, and it weighs approximately 6.7 grams or 33.5 carats. Also, the bail has a large enough opening that should accommodate a round chain necklace that is as thick as 3mm. And, since the bail is attached so that the pendant swings freely with the wearer, it will not be stiff and get stuck in an awkward position while worn. It will tend to capture the attention of on-lookers, too. ~*~ grin ~*~ (I never solder or use any glue on my creations.)
.....The Stones In My Pendants Are Always Snug And Secure.....QUALITY!.....Check Out My Feedback And Bid With Confidence.....Please eMail Me If You Have Any Questions.....

The photos I used for t...

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