Rare, "Rambuddha" Counter Display Rambo's Necklace

Rare, "Rambuddha" Movie Theatre Counter Display Rambo's Buddha Necklace (1988)

Display Measures: 9" wide X 12" high

's an incredible, 19 year old Movie Theatre counter display produced in conjunction with "Rambo 3." Featuring a "Rambuddha"! An authorized replica of John Rambo's (Sylvester Stallone) Emerald Jade Buddha necklace, which he acquired off of the body of his Asian commrade in arms in Rambo 2 and which he wore again in Rambo 3.

We're not quite sure what "Buddha" would have thought of his likeness being marketed with that of John Rambo! lol. But you've got to love the complete irony and creativity of this wild Movie Theatre display.

The display is a foamcore backing board, which features an awesome full-color image of Rambo with the Rambo 3 logo and the price for the Rambuddha necklace replica. Rambo 3 is promoted as "Opening May 25th". And "America's Hero Returns". Beneath that tag-line is a Rambo velvet bag that has the word "Rambo" printed on it in red foil. Please note, the red foil letters have aged a bit, see photos below for condition.

The necklace itself has been carefully hung on the image of Rambo on a black, elastic, adjustable string, which is tied in the back of the display. Never removed or worn.

Evidently, this piece was hand-made, so t is a chance that
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