Rare, Reclining Sakymuni Buddha, 7th C. Museum Quality

ANTIQUE ASIAN ART Sakymuni Reclining Buddha, Mon Dvaravati Period, 7th Century

Description: We are pleased to present this magnificent Reclining image of a Sakymuni Buddha, from the Mon Dvaravati period, dating to the 7th century. The well proportioned figure demonstrates a pleasing sense of serenity and divine beauty, typical of the artistic style developed during the Dvaravati period.

Pre-Thai History:

The term ' Dvaravati' describes a school of Art that flourished during the 6th to 11th centuries. The name was used by neighboring kingdoms to describe a culture which existed in the centralized region of present day Thailand. This dominant population was inhabited primarily by Mon, an ancient race of unknown origin that developed an advanced society and possessed high cultural capabilities of creating superior art. Dvaravati art style had a profound impact on Southeast Asian sculpture, and their supreme artistry was credited with creating the first truely unique Buddhist sculpture without any obvious reference to India antecedents, and was considered uniquely its own.

The Image:

This extremely rare image of a Sakymuni Buddha is superbly casted in the Reclining posture. The figure represents a buddha resting or sleeping, but more accurately displays the image in the 'Mahaparinabbana'

The image lays in the 'Triphanga' or triple flexion attitude with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. The body is covered by a smooth pleatless monastic robe worn in the 'open mode', daigonally leaving the right shoulder and breast bare. A pleated end flap falls gracefully just over the left shoulder. This style of garment represents the buddha's humility and appears to defy gravity by clinging to the body exactly as if the image were upright.

The facial expression is gentle and compassionate and features a flat face like the indigenous people of the region. The almond- shaped eyes are open and defined by a finely incised double line. The somewhat rounded face has a broad flat nose, and a smiling mouth with thickened lips. The earlobes are elongated and depict buddha's wisdom.

The head is covered in large hair knots, whorling to the left, and surmounted by a hemispherical 'Ushnisha,' terminating into a large bulbous knob.

Casted by the lost wax method, the bronze surface is complemented by a naturally aged patina, covered in a heavy overlayment of green malachite encrustation and various areas of natural cuprite spotting. This is a rather large example, uncleaned and unrepaired and can safely be viewed as unquestionably authentic.


Data Observation: The image is in excellent condition. Please view detailed photos for overall quality and minor imperfections of the item.

Estimate Value: $32,000.00 to 40,000.00 (USD).

Dimensions: Length: 14.375 inches (36.13cm) Height: 5.75 inches (14.61cm) Width: 4.125 inches (10.48 cm) including the museum mount. Weight: 2 pounds

Remarks: Museum quality. This item would make a wonderful addition for the avid collector of Southeast Asian Art.

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