This Antique Madonna Portrait is EXQUISITELY painted with tremendous detail (much too intricate to capture all fineness on camera) in gauche and/or watercolor in shades of red, and flesh tones and a black background. This is the most gorgeous depiction of Mother Mary w her appearance gives one a sense of serenity, peacefulness and compassion, just like that of an angel with fine quality craftsmanship painted in the Renaissance fashion.

The Virgin Mary Portrait is enclosed under glass in a Gorgeous 800 Silver Filigree Scrollwork Mount Frame with four tiny coral cabochons. Open-work and stamped on the in back "800" Silver. One can also consider this a Locket in the sense that it can be opened in back but I don't believe anyone would ever want to change the present MASTERPIECE!

This Religious Antique Pendant measures 1-6/8" in length by 1-3/8" in width with a depth of 1/4"without including the bale. It is in Excellent Condition, with absolutely no damage to the Painting. The Glass is Clean and Clear showing this Antique Jewelry was well preserved or never worn. The Antique Brooch closes with a secure safety catch clasp in back.

The artist's signature seems to be S. Fili or S.Filiz or S. Filiy.

The Chain is a dainty one and is smooth to the touch. Measurement is 20" in length. This Sterling Silver
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