RARE Rhinestone Trembler 4 in.Celluloid VERY OLD Brooch

This is one of the prizes of my collection.
Antique pins like this one are rare because they are very delicate and not many have survived. This pin is probably from the 1930s, though possibly a bit earlier (late 1920s) or as late as 1940. It is in immaculate condition for its age and materials. The seven large (1/2 inch diameter) Montana-blue rhinestones have lost none of their sparkle. The square stones are faceted in a pyramidal cut which gives them great depth and excellent light refraction. The celluloid petals of the flowers are quite clean and have not discolored or deteriorated at all. The brass repoussee bow and brass wire flower stems are still bright (though with age patina) and the pinback, though slightly bent, is secure. Safety clasp. This pin must have been extremely well cared for. I have kept it wrapped in tissue paper, and the new owner would be well advised to do the same. Due to the construction, while it is huge -- 4 inches long -- it is not heavy. It trembles slightly as you walk, and the stones flash their glints all around. A very, very nice piece in unusually excellent condition. Very 3-dimensional in design, as you can see from the pictures. (I had to move the camera around to capture it all.)
I offer a money back guarantee on purchase price. If seriously misrepresented (which I hope won't happen)
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