This auction is for a very RARE sculpture that RON LEE designed for the Desert Inn's (Las Vegas) 50th Anniversary in 2000. The Desert Inn gave these sculptures away to their guests and then they were available for sale in their gift shop. They originally sold for $400. and since they are no longer in production, they are very RARE and Hard to find. Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn Hotel closed in 2000 and torn down to make way for Wynn Las Vegas, which opened in 2005. This sculpture is of a man on a high diving board, just getting ready to dive. Then on the lower diving board, a woman is sitting on her towel watching him. It is a Limited Edition and numbered 41-1200 and also signed by Ron Lee - "BEST WISHES FROM RON LEE 2000". The details on this piece are amazing and it is in perfect condition - no breaks, cracks or repairs. If you are familiar with Ron Lee's pieces, you know they are all mounted on a piece of quartz or granite...so are quite heavy. This piece weight 16 pounds (before packing) so please check shipping cost prior to placing your bid. is your chance to own a RARE art piece....considering the Desert Inn was razed to make way for the Wynn Hotel. If you need additional photos, or have questions, please e-mail. The information in this listing was obtained from Ron Lee's web site, so know it is accurate.

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