Listed is the ultra rare Teal Shade railroad lamp marked "C. & O Ry" inside lozenge shaped border. The globe is not cracked or chipped and it is a brilliant beautiful teal blue. This is the one that they write about in the books! The frame is an Adams & Westlake and has the original crud from it's early use. It is not rust, so much as hardened oil & crud. I have not cleaned it, in the realization, that it is better all original. T are a couple of dings & dents to metal top. This lantern has been listed for the last week and was up to $2250 with 3 days left. Then a bidder asked that I upload more photos. I went to the listing, hit "add to description "box, and tried to add the needed photos. When I went to turn the page...eBay, who owns Paypal, would not let me update the listing, unless I added that I take paypal (a cost to me of several %). I tried several times to turn the page, every time it came up that I could only turn the page, if I added that I would take Paypal. Finally in frustration, I did so, stating that I would take Paypal, but ask the user of paypal offer me the a microscopic Paypal fee if they wanted to use this, the bidders service (that is not what I am doing -- I only take checks or money orders for this auction or any other of my auctions). Ebay/Paypal ended my listing early tonight because I put ... read more