Rare Type 1 Southern Cross of Honor,Named & Numbered

A super hard to come by Bertram's Type 1a Southern Cross of Honor. As illustrated in Peter Bertram's book 'The Southern Cross of Honor: Historical Notes & Varieties' pages 10 & 12, type 1a. I have only seen about 5 or 6 of these crosses in my collecting of these crosses. The condition is about 98% or better, in near mint condition. The name bar is engraved 'Capt. W. K. Foster' and the planchet is numbered '2348.' William Kellam Foster enlisted as a 2nd Lt. in Co. F, 1st Louisiana Zouave Battalion in April 1861 at Camp Walker, New Orleans, La., by Lt. Col. George A. G. Coppens. The unit boasted of many experienced veterans of the Crimean War and they wore red Turkish trousers, red kepis and blue jackets. Their orders were given in French. With 6 Companies and about 600 effectives they moved to Virginia. They were active from the Seven Days Battle to Fredericksburg and then assigned to Provost Duty in the Department of Richmond. In August 1863 Foster was assigned to Gen. J. B. Magruder's Staff as Acting Assistant Adjutant General and served in and around Houston, Texas. He took the oath on June 22, 1865 at Houston and mustered out as a Captain. Included is copy Foster's Service Record from the National Archives and a copy of the page in the Confederate Roster that lists him. A super hard to come by Type 1a Southern Cross of ... read more