RARE Unlucky # 13 Blue Ball Mason Quart Fruit Jar # 13

Your buying a Unlucky # 13 Blue Ball Mason Quart Fruit Jar.Years ago the Moonshiners considered all # 13 fruit jars to be unlucky and destroyed them as fast as they found them it was told that if you had a # 13 Fruit Jar the Revenuers would raid your Whiskey Still so they destroyed the # 13 jar as fast as they could.Now days they are hoarded up by the collectors and for that reason t is not many Unlucky # 13 Fruit Jars out tIf you collect jars then be sure and take a look at this one it has a couple of small chips from use otherwise its in great shape.Look at our pictures we tried to show everything.Note our low starting price we start all our items at $ 2.00 and we do combine shipping.If you want to know shipping cost email us your zip code and we will give shipping cost.Thanks