WHAT AN UNUSUAL SCALE!!! I am just back from a month long trip out East. I bought at shows, I bought from shops, I bought from people's houses, I bought ALOT!!! I will be listing a few fun things on ebay but come see me in Solon, Iowa for the Fourth of July show on of course July 4. I have always looked for egg scales and stumbles across this along the way. I don't think it is for eggs though those prongs would certainly work great. The weight measurements are 0, 3, 4 1/2, 9,18G. T are two levels plus the fine adjustment weight on the beam. It is embossed fairbanks on the iron base as you can see. The levels are not broken. The scale does need some cleaning but I don't see anything broken anyw - just needs a little elbow grease. I would love to learn more about this one. If anyone would like to share what this scale is used for - please let me know. This scale measures 11 inches in length and 5 5/8 inches to the tip of the prongs. The winning bidder is to add $10 to cover priority shipping. Insurance is extra and to be determined by the final selling price. Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thanks and good luck!!!