Rare US Krag Bolo Bayonet, US Rifle Model 1898, Mint

This U. S. Rifle, Model 1898 (Krag-Jorgensen) bayonet is also called the Krag Bolo Bayonet due to its beautifully proportioned Bolo blade that is 10 3/8" long, 2 3/32" wide and 7/32" thick. The false edge is 3 1/4" on the semi-spear point. Blade is finished bright and is stamped vertically on the obverse ricasso with "U S" and on the reverse ricasso with the date "1902" . Hilt is 4 5/8" long typical of all Krag hilts. All steel parts are finished bright and grips are sanded smooth. Overall length of the bayonet is 14 3/4". This specimen weighs 1.41 pounds according to my digital scale. The bayonet is fully functional and fits on my Krag rifle perfectly. This Krag Bolo was obtained from Frank Garret around 1985 when he sold off his collection. I have enclosed a scan of a letter from Howard Cole about the size and fine quality of Frank Garret Collection. Condition of this bayonet is excellent showing only some age-greying, a few small scratches and the remnants of oil & grease that were on the bayonet when I received it over 20 years ago. This Krag Bowie bayonet has passed an X-ray test and was felt to be an authentic & original specimen by Frank Garret and others. Reference scans for this auction are from Cole III p. 13 and Hardin's American Bayonet pages 216 & 217. Please note that I have received contradictory opinions ... read more