RARE VICTORIAN REPOUSSE CASTLE & CATHEDRAL SCENES LADIES VISITING CARD CASE, STERLING OR COIN SILVER WITH INCREDIBLE DETAIL ON BOTH SIDES VERY IMPORTANT ITEM INFORMATION, PLEASE READ! Fresh from an early Georgia farm estate is this museum quality Victorian ladies visiting card case. It is made of Sterling or Coin Silver but I can't find any marks which is rather unusual for a piece of this quality, maybe I'm missing it. is a little history on card cases.................. The visiting card-case was only large enough to accommodate the stylish, but small, visiting cards. When visiting friends, or "making calls," people would leave a card at the front door or parlor, even if the person they were visiting was home. They were used as a reminder about who had visited recently and deserved a visit in turn. Sometimes a loving greeting was added, though the card alone was considered a message. It was considered a "red-letter day," a term that originated with the tradition of marking holy days in a church calendar in red, when a young "maid" or man was granted his or her first visiting card. The fashions of calling cards varied with the trends; sometimes middle initials were fashionable, other times not; some cards, while others were of a "severe style," particularly for the gentlemen. In the book Decorum, published in 1877, the following ... read more