RARE Vintage 1970s DR PEPPER Pendulum Wood Wall Clock

RARE Vintage 1970s DR PEPPER Pendulum Wood Wall Clock
Dr. Pepper Wood Wall Clock

MINT âe" Rare âe" Pendulum âe" Works Great âe" Authorized Reproduction - Day Key Wind

Vintage 1970's

Up for purchase today is this GREAT WORKING RARE AND MINT VINTAGE 1970'S AUTHORIZED REPRODUCTION DR. PEPPER WOOD WALL PENDULUM CLOCK ! This is an unbelievable find in it's current condition and beauty! It is in MINT condition and works excellent! We have not found a single detractor to this piece! It is an authorized reproduction of the original Dr. Pepper Pendulum Wall Clock, and was produced in the 1980's! We have found the following information out of the 2003 edition of Petretti's Soda Pop Collectables Price Guide: Dr. Pepper, late 1980's Store Regulator, Eight Day (Calendar), Key-Wound Movement, Reverse Glass, Mirrored Bottom Glass, Wooden Frame, $700.00. It is a wind up pendulum clock with a day key wind included. The book value on this piece is $700.00 which we certainly could get for the condition it is in (MINT), but we are offering it for a much lower price! This is a must have item for any collector, whether novice or devoted. T is some beautiful ornate style to the wood and the bottom door pane has a great colorful subject matter! Overall this clock measures approx. 5.5" long by 15.75" wide by 36.5" tall. This
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