Rare Vintage Anton Wingen Jr. Siberian Skinner Knife!!

Anton Wingen Jr. has always been one of my favorite Solingen makers and I have collected their knives for years. Anton Wingen Jr. ceased operations and closed their doors in the early 1990's. However, for nearly 120 years they were one of Solingen's finest makers and produced some knives of incredible quality. In addition to their own high-quality knives, Wingen also made knives under contract for other top makers including Kershaw. I've collected and researched Wingen knives extensively for many years and I've never seen another example of this knife. I could also not find any examples in any old Wingen catalogs, so I really don't know how old it is other than to say that it likely pre-dates 1960 by quite a bit.

This is large Siberian Skinner model that offers a unique Yatagan-style blade. This knife show no signs of use and retains its very sharp factory edge. The thick carbon steel blade is in excellent condition with just some light scattered surface peppering, likely from many decades of storage in the sheath. This is old and it appears as though someone buffed the blade and pommel at some point in time, probably to make it look new. The blade was beautifully executed and so different from the standard Solingen blades that it really stands out. The handle is of gorgeous, thick, high-quality stag. The stag is beautifully
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