This vintage Krementz bracelet, signed only "DIANA" on its clasp, dates to the 1940's. "Diana" pieces were more heavily gold-plated than typical Krementz pieces of that time, which is why the gold-clad surface is in such lovely condition. The bracelet is only 6 1/2" long, but perhaps a clasp could be added to one end to link to the existing clasp, tby adding 1" or so to the length. The two-tone rose and yellow gold flowered section measures 2" by 1 1/2." This is a beautiful bracelet, reminiscent of the corsages worn on girls' wrists at prom-time :) S&H is $3.50, which includes delivery confirmation. Thanks for looking and good luck!
It has always been a conumbrum who Diana was and w she came from and her connect with Krementz. To me, it is one of the most puzzling questions in fine costume jewelry.I only know that she produced a limited line of very fine pieces in the early 1940's. Then, she totally disappeared from the scene, though Krementz much later attempted to bring her name back...This piece is totally authentic from the '40s and so endearing! S&H is $3.50, which includes delivery confirmation. Thanks, at al, Pupsterjack.