rare vintage gillette razor senator foil-box prewar

is rare vintage gillette senator razor in its original cardboard box with foil label-rare! this razor is prewar and offered in this configuration for only 2 years. the razors surface once in awhile but the fragile boxes are gone. boxes were basically hand built and even had a gillette factory seal on them-this one is t but seal broken open. has display mount platform but missing hold-down piece. box has taken the beating over the years and was used to house the razor so shows wear. hinge still intact-lid to bottom. comes with 2 boxes of blades-popular at the time-gillette blue blades and not seen in pictures gillette thin-under the platform. the razor itself is rare. beautiful condition with some light scratches which would polish out-i don't believe in doing it so it would be your decision to do this. i don't mind natural use wear-adds character. razor is clean and function of open close of this first style tto is flawless. center bar is before notching and is lower than later tto-super speeds and is hidden under the 'bombay' doors! the main difference with this tto razor is the drag edge-it is still in the 'comb' version. a little of the old and new look.all the nickel/chrome is intact and razor still has luster to all of the areas-clean inside and out. markins under head=reg.u.s. pat.off. gillette diamond logo and made in u.s. ... read more