Rare? Vintage Meissen Vase with Liner that comes out

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Rare?Vintage Meissen? Vase with Liner. I believe this is a Meissen piece due to looking at maker marks but I will let you experts decide. I have never seen a Meissen item with a liner. Hopefully you experts will let me know what I have but from the limited research I have done I can't find anything like it so it is my guess if this is really a vase with a liner or it could be something else. The picture of the mark doesn't show under the bluer sign the number 27 with another character or another number can't tell for sure in light gray to the left of the blue slash or do also at the top of the right msker mark is the number 478. The picture doesn't show at all in light red or orange to the right of the blue mark 36 with a slash and 35 under it with a little mark next to it, which I guess could be the artist signature, or mark. The item is not chipped or cracked and the gold bands at the base and top lip in good shape. Item is approximately 9 inches tall with a 5-½-diameter top it narrows down to a base of approximately 3 ½ inches. The liner is approximately 3 ½ inches tall with a 3-inch in diameter opening at the top narrowing down to a base that is approximately
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