RARE Vintage Set Post's Famous Americans Trading Cards

Offered for sale is a fabulous find of an intact, in excellent condition, set of Post's Famous North Americans series trading cards. This vintage 1930s set, one of four different sets I have listed, includes not only the cards but the entire cardboard sheet that was included with Post's 40% Bran Flakes. It was manufactured by the Postum Company, Inc., Battle Creek, Michigan (a Division of General Foods Corporation). This splendid set was left uncut and quite obviously preserved as part of a collection (the others I have listed below are also in intact, uncut condition). It is in excellent condition with only some very slight scuffing along the right-hand side of the image portion of the "sheet" as well as bumping at the top right and bottom corners. This item contains images of Paul Revere , John Paul Jones , King Philip , and Sam Houston . As can be seen in the first scanned image, the packaging also included a recipe for muffins and information about not only the cereal's laxative benefits but a description of its packaging, designed for its new "Crisp Pak," the image which is shown in the second scan. That image shows the portion of the cardboard that appears on the "back" of this item. The entire item has original fold lines that I assume were used in wrapping the trading cards and information around the cereal box container ... read more