Rare Vintage Wild Turkey Bourbon Weathervane


Vintage "Wild Turkey" Weathervane


Don't know a lot about this Weathervane except that my Dad had it for a long time. It was mounted on his roof for at least 40 years. Will try to accurately describe to the best of my ability:

A Flying Turkey adorns the top part of the Weathervane and is the Classsic Wild Turkey Bourbon Flying Gobbler with Dropped Wing. Entire piece is made of a light weight metal which appears to be Aluminum although some one suggested it may be Zinc. It is painted Black which shows wear from being exposed to the elements for so many years.

The raised words "WILD TURKEY" are Printed on each side of the Lower Dropped Wing. T is a Small Round Symbol in front of the Words. Directly under this is the Weathervane Arrow. The back side is a mirrowed image in reverse as shown in the pictures.

The directional letters can be adjusted (with screw) to the correct N & S position once mounted. The top part does not rotate as the pin on the end of the mount is made of another type metal and is rusted w the weathervane fits. I did not try to free it as I was afraid of doing damage but I think it can be remedied with the right tools.

The mount at the bottom can be adjusted to fit any angled roof (or flat
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