This beautiful and rare set was made in the 1930's era by August Walther & Sohne glass works of Germany. The pattern name is "Muschel" and it is in the much sought after green color. This particular set includes the bowl in the shape of a shell--measuring about 8 3/4" by 9" and 2 1/4" deep. The piece that the shell-dish fits INTO is the mermaid holding her long, flowing hair above her head. The intricate detail on this piece includes the hair going down her back, her fish body and the sea-waves coming up to meet her body. Very lovely piece and can stand alone.

The mermaid is about 5 3/4" by 6" at her base and stands almost 9" tall.

Condition of the mermaid is excellent. This mermaid has no cloudiness, no scratches, and obviously no chips, cracks or breaks. And the green is just vivid. Along the mould line at the elbows t is a very small amount of roughness--which is normal. The shell bowl is quite good--only injury is scrapes that are at a couple of points w it would set into the mermaid when displayed. Obviously not visible unless turned upside-down. Just for your information, though, I took a picture up close of the underside in the last photo

This is a set that is breathtaking on display---