Great looking cut glass bowling pin shaped vase up for auction The form itself is very desirable. The vase was made by the American Cut Glass CO. of Lansing , Michigan. The company was started by William C. Anderson. Anderson was the head cutter and chied designer for Libbey Cut Glass. Anderson was responsible for many if not most of the most important designs for Libbey. His work was both innovative and well conceived. On his own he created many unique and brilliant designs such as on this vase.

The vase is cut in the "Carlysle" pattern. It is a scarcely found pattern. I have only heard of a handful of known examples. The pattern features many of the characteristic Anderson motifs. T are cojoined motifs, fine miter flashing, sprigs and clear button hobstars. The overall effect is very pleasing and one of complexity in construction. The pattern is illustrated in the Chain of Evidence book on page 151. The book was the important work begun by Leigh Emmerson on the life and work of William Anderson.

As mentioned this is called a bowling pin form. I can't recall seeing much if any other Anderson pieces on this blank shape. The blank is blown and of excellent quality. It is clear and brilliant. Cutting is wonderfully executed. It is a heavy weight piece and heavily and deeply cut. This would make a superb example

The vase meas ures 5 inches diameter and 10 inches tall. The piece is in excellent condition with no chips or flakes. Flouresces under the blacklight to show American Brilliant (1876-1916).

Each winning item will be carefully packaged for safe delivery. Particulaly fragile items are generally double boxed with packing between the boxes. This is the only method for safe delivery of cut glass. Winners of multiple auctions will receive a shipping discount if not free shipping on the additional items as long as items can be packaged together. Returns are accepted for items not as described. Please notify me within 3 days of receiving your item.

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