Rare WWII, German Lead Galizien Unit Ring

RARE!! Beautiful, WWII Original Sterling Silver Ring, recently unearthed in Western Ukrainian Battlefield Area. Approximately US Size 8. Very Good Condition! Heavy, Quality Hand Finished Design, not made en-mass like others.

This ring is beleived to be from the famed Armed Schutzstaffel-Grenadier Division der Schutzstaffel "Galizien". It is very rare as I have never seen another of it's type on any of the typical collector sites. You will not find another one of these rings elsew... Very finely crafted, jeweler etched not forged or pressed, Great Condition. Needs cleaning, as is from Western Ukraine location.

A little history on the unit: In World War II, t were no all Ukrainian units that fought on either the Russian or German side. As the tide turned against Germany t was a decision to establish Armed Schutzstaffel units of Eastern Europeans which were regular military units distinct from the German Armed Schutzstaffel. In early 1943, the Armed-Grenadier Division der Armed Schutzstaffel "Galizien" was established. The initiative for its establishment came from the Govenor of Galicia, who had the support of the only legal representative of Ukrainians during the German occupation. The German Army leadership strictly forbid the use of the name Ukrainian for the Division. The Division was lead by German Field Officers
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