RARE! WWII German RLB Luftschutz EM 1st Model Dagger


This fine, early, RLB Enlisted Man is a quality example, having all nickel fittings. The nickel is heavy in the hand and the dagger has a hefty, durable feel to it. The derby-shaped pommel cap has some minor surface hits and ordinary usage signs. It has the traditional equator-like center rim. The crossguard features the art-deco Hoheitsadler with stubby wings. This raptor looks to it's left, and has obvious hand done details. The quillon arms have four decorative lines on each side, and they are ended in 45-degree angles to give the look of flight in motion. This crossguard is in excellent condition with a couple of minor hits. The grip is a fine ebony-type, which is bulbous in the center, thinning towards the top and bottom. It is a brown-black color, with a chip out near the crossguard. Not perfect, but still a pretty grip ! The grip insignia is the early First Model type. It consists of a sunburst background, which retains 90% of its original silvered finish. Raised out in the center of the sunburst, are the initials of the organization done in blue enamel, "RLB". The enamel shows some very minor hits, but the areas are small, and barely noticeable. The quality scabbard is straight throughout without dents. It retains 60% of the shiny, original
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