Rare ZENITH BLACK DIAL..5-A-236 Side Chair Radio

*ZENITH BLACK DIAL..5-A-236 * VERY UNUSUAL STYLE ZENITH Wow...'s a great little Zenith that looks almost like a little smoking stand from the 1920's era i believe, its model number 5-A-236 and has the Black Dial and walnut cabinet. The radio's cord has been cut and i am unsure of the working condition. Overall the radio looks complete inside, No rust or anything, the cabinet looks very good, No heavy scratches or chipped wood, altho some varnish is flaking off of the cabinets finish. I have included 5 pictures for your viewing....As far as shipping goes i would have to double box the radio and bring it in for an exact quote with your zip code, shipping shouldn't be to bad, the radio measures approx. 21" high and 13 1/2" wide 9 1/2" thick, you could also pickup the radio in the Chicago area if you want. The Best news is we sell NO RESERVE, the way auctions are supposed to be!...No Paypal,,,,US buyers can send personal checks or money orders ...Thanks, good luck bidding
I have some new information regarding the Zenith Radio we have selling ....A Mr. Amberger who is building a worldwide research guide for Zenith Radio collectors at.../ has notified me that the radio which i listed as a 5-A-236, could very well be a 5-R-236...altho the letter stamping on the radio itself is a little blurry i think Mr. Amberger could very well be
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