Rare1881 Las Vegas NEW MEXICO newspaper w BILLY THE KID

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SEE PHOTO----- COMPLETE and very rare ORIGINAL newspaper, the Las vegas Daily Gazette (NEW MEXICO) dated July 10, 1881. In 1881 Las Vegas (NM) was the principal town in the area that the famed (or infamous) New Mexico outlaw, BILLY THE KID, lived. Las Vegas, NM was the closest railroad station to the New Mexico frontier towns in which Billy the Kid was active. On July 10, 1881 Billy the Kid was still on the run from local Sheriff PAT GARRETT after the Kid shot and killed 2 lawmen and escaped from custody while waiting to tbe hung for murder in Lincoln, NM.

Billy the Kid would be shot and killed by Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881 at Ft Sumner, NM.

This rare Las Vegas newspaper has an inside page ad that has an illustration of a building in town of Las Vegas in 1881, while Billy the Kid was still at large. See Las Vegas, NM as Billy the Kid saw it in 1881 - and in the LOCAL newspaper !!!

Henry McCarty ( November 23 , 1859 - July 14 , 1881 ) was better known as Billy the Kid, but also known by the aliases Henry Antrim and William Harrison Bonney. He was a 19th century American frontier outlaw and gunman who was
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