RARE1966 Lord of the Rings LOTR Middle Earth Map Poster

Extremely Rare 1966 1st Edition Lord of the Rings Map of Middle Earth!

Ballantine Books U8251 Poster featuring art by "BREM" Barbara Remington

Investment Quality Collector's Item !

This 25" by 37" Vintage Poster is 41 years old and a must have for LOTR Fanatics.

It features the original cover art from the 1966 Ballantine 1st Edition printing of the Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. T was much controversy about this cover art, as Tolkien did not particularly like it. Apparently, respected artist Barbara Remington was asked to come up with cover art on very little notice. As the story goes, she didn't even have enough time to read the books, and the almost psychedelic fantasy cover art of the first edition does not closely follow the story line. Now a huge Tolkien fan, she regrets not having a chance to capture the story in her original art.

As stated, this poster is definitely investment quality. EASILY a C8, possibly C9 according to the Iguide Movie Poster Prices publication:


The poster is the Original 1st print, and it's in Excellent condition with a few minor flaws, shown in pictures:

Picture 2 shows the original release price of $1.49. Later releases were priced at $3.00.
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