Rarely REBORN L Webb's Ashton Drake BABY BOY CHARLIE

Junebird Nursery welcomes big boy CHARLIE

Weight ~~ 8 lbs. 4 ozs. ~*~*~ Length~~ approx. 22 inches

~*~Please read all information about this boy carefully. Because of the way he is made, he had to be assembled a little different than other babies.~*~Hi and welcome to the adoption auction for this super sweet Ashton Drake CHARLIE. This big boy is an absolutely handsome boy sculpted by the famous and talented Linda Webb. I love her work! This baby was created with SOFT silicone vinyl limbs and a harder head covered by silicone vinyl. His arms and legs have been filled with tiny glass beads to keep them soft and add weight. Now~ since he was originally put together as a ball jointed baby~ I used a body so that his arms and legs go right up to the fabric, but not into the fabric. His arms and legs are on joints so that they are moveable. Also, this is so the body fits right over the ends of the arms and legs to make them look so real. His head is also attached with a large neck piece so that his head moves forward, backward, and easily from side to side. He also has very sparsely rooted black hair. Most of the hair is just rooted into the silicone/vinyl like most silicone babies, so you will have to style VERY CAREFULLY. (NOT appropriate for child's play!!) But, this hair will only need to be slightly wet once in awhile
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