This is a scarce 1886 Martha Washington $1 silver certificate. These are much less seen than the 1891. This is the FR221 with signatures of Rosecrans-Nebeker and the small red scalloped seal. This note was taped long ago to preserve it and it did. I looked closely under a light and I'm sure the note is intact. The paper is firm and solid and feels pretty good. It is definitely not a 'rag'. Take a look. This beauty has a very low opening price. See my others as well this week.
I have been building a type collection for 20 years, but have to let some of it go. I have a wide variety of coins and currency for sale in the near future valued from a few dollars to several hundred. I have been buying and selling coins on Ebay since 1999, almost the beginning. I have over 1500 positive transactions. I've never had a complaint. I believe in being straight up and honest, and I believe most others are as well. I try to grade conservatively and use ANA Numismatic Grading Guide as well as Photograde. My photos are not touched up unless I am trying to show a detail, and then it will be pointed out. I've never had a coin or note returned. That said, most old coins have been cleaned at some time, and I can't often tell when they have. I am newer to currency, and don't know it as well. I use the Official Red Book (A Guide Book of United States
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