RARELY SEEN Morgantown "AMERICAN BEAUTY" Etched Iced Tea Tumbler!

Up for sale is an immaculate and very hard-to-find vintage cone-shaped water or iced tea tumbler in the “American Beauty” pattern by Morgantown Glass! Morgantown patented this beautiful rose etching in 1917 – it’s an extremely detailed etching of open roses, buds, lots of foliage and stems – all totally recognizable and complete with thorns! This beautiful amber shade has a hint of pinkish tint – it was called “Golden Iris” by Morgantown, and it’s truly eye-catching and unique. This large tumbler stands 5 3/8 inches high, and it measures 3 5/8 inches in diameter across the top. It’s paneled, so it really captures and reflects the light beautifully! My reference book doesn’t list this size – the listings only go up to 4 7/8 inches tall, and that’s a water tumbler, so I assume that this one is an iced tea tumbler that simply wasn’t included in the listings. It’s absolutely guaranteed to be vintage – not reproduction or new glass. It’s in pristine-perfect condition – no chips, cracks, flakes, fleabites, nicks or roughness anywhere, and the glass is nice and shiny – no stains, scratches, oxidation or water marks! The buy er will pay shipping and insurance (insurance is automatically included in the shipping calculator as a “handling fee”). Shipping will be combined for the winner of more than one item whenever practical. Expedited

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