~RARER~IMPERIAL~ Surrounding Cloisonne Butterfly Vase

Highly Collectible Old Pattern

Rarer Celadon Coloring

This is an opportunity to own an Imperial cloisonné vase with an old collectible pattern and coloring!! Highly Gold Gilt!! In mint condition!

The vase was made for the European market. This is the crème de la crème era of Imperial when cloisonné art had reached the height. The elite European market cloisonné was the high quality.

The vase has fine gold gilt wiring with perfect rich enamel. The shape is a multiple patterned ribbed neck with gold banding.

This is a very unique old coloring. The background color is Imperial - extremely unique!! It is not champagne coloring nor beige...has a hint of celadon coloring. Later in the 1900s when import cloisonne boomed, an attempt was made to reproduce this color and it was an insult. This color is so unique and was done in the Imperial studio.

The floral and butterfly designs are fine and the coloring lovely. The body is of bronze!! Unlike the light bodies of the later 1900's! Lesser quality copies were made during the later 1900's, but they do not come close to the fine close handwork done in the earlier 1900's.

This is all hand made...most do not know that Imperial work was all by hand were as other factories in the 1900's were not all made by hand.

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