Raspberry pi zero burger king mini gameboy color

This is a burgerking gameboy modified with a raspberry pi zero. It is running retropie as its operating system so it supports around 30+ emulators. I completely had to rebuild and modify it to fit real gameboy buttons with rubber pads for an authentic gameboy feel. I also added 2 buttons in the back for L and R so you have a 4 button set up. It kinda feels like a really cool tamagotchi lol The screen size is only 2 inches but has great clarity. Also the sd card slot is located in the back so all changes to the system have to be done in another pi preferably a B+ with the same specs of a pi zero.
Feel free to ask any questions before bidding :)
I also have a youtube video showing off another one i made before just search under "pi zero mini gameboy color "
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