Raven Goddess Morrigan Pendant 3 Ravens carved bone

Three Raven Morrigan Celtic Goddess Pendant ~ Animal Totem Pendant

Hand carved in Bone

Celtic Goddess Morrigan with her three Ravens is hand carved by our Master carver from Water Buffalo bone in Bali. Raven Goddess is intricately carved with attention to detail. Amazing detail in the feathers the Ravens beak and the lovely face of the Goddess. Best of the Best! Smooth on the back.

Tied with a black cotton adjustable cord that you can exchange for a leather cord and bead. Looks great beaded halfway up the cord with white bone beads, silver beads and any colored glass bead. If your not a beader the local bead store is in-expensive and will help you or buy your beads on eBay.

Size: 3" by 1.5". #7182

Raven brings creation, magic, shapeshifting and messages from the void.

MORRIGAN : Pan-Celtic. Also the Morrigu; "Great Queen"; "Supreme War Goddess"; "Queen of Phantoms or Demons"; "Specter Queen"; shape-shifter. Reigned over the battlefield, helping with her magic, but did not join the battles. Associated with crows and ravens. The Crone aspect of the Goddess; Great Mother; Moon Goddess; Great White Goddess; Queen of the Fairies. In her Dark Aspect (the symbol is then the raven or crow) she is the goddess of war, fate and death; she went fully armed and carried two spears. Goddess
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