Rawlings USA, Gold Glove, Heart of the Hide Pro 1000BFB

Rawlings USA MADE

Gold Glove

Heart of the Hide

model PRO-1000BFB

12.00 in

Right Hand Thrower

This glove was made back when they made real gloves that were built to last and made in the USA! The original Rawlings Gold Glove Heart of the Hide were simple the best. It's the same size as the PRO 1000 but this one has the closed FastBack design. It has a really nice deep, round, pocket which also make it a great Fastpitch glove for softball.

It has the great old time Horween leather that is really stiff but breaks in to make the most durable, soft, longest lasting gloves ever made. This glove is all leather TOP QUALITY! It will last a life time if taken care of. It is used and fully broken it. It has some dirt and wear but is still in good shape with no tears or holes.

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