*RAY-BAN Caravan Gold Sunglasses with case 62□14 G15

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"*RAY-BAN Caravan Gold Sunglasses with case 62□14 G15"

It is reuse product, but is beautiful.

*SIZE: W= about, 6 2/3 in (17cm) H= about, 2 2/3 in (7cm) L= about, 1 1/5 in (3cm)

*WEIGHT: about, 105g

*** About a SHIPMENT method***
We can ship to worldwide.
We recommend safe "EMS service" with the insurance.
When t are not instructions, please understand it from a successful bidder because I request it with "EMS service rate".
A person in hope of "the SAL service" "airmail" "international package which t is no insurance" in give me communication after a successful bid early.
However, I do not guarantee it when I do not have the insurance, and it was done loss, theft.
I do not cope about "surface mail".
Packing charges are included in the postage.
Because I can decline shipment to a bad country of the peace and order, please ask me a question beforehand.
*please send E-mail by in English or Japanese.

*to North America : "first class EMS service" : $ 18 ( need about 3-5 days)
"economy aviation SAL service" : $ 9 ( need about 1-3 weeks, no insurance)

*if you are in other countries, please ask me.

***he attention of the remittance***
The means of payment is only the PAYPAL account which I can
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