Ray Bradbury signed Morrow set-LOA with books

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Ray Bradbury - Set of five MORROW ...EACH BOLDLY SIGNED!
each book comes with Letter of Authenticity with a photo of the signature on each LOA .

Ray Bradbury, author of FAHRENHEIT 451
August 22, 1920 - June 5, 2012

A wonderful set of 5 signed first edition thus printings of the MORROW books...the dust jackets on two of the have scratches as shown (The Illustrated Man, The October Country) else everything is like new...!

Thank you. John Anthony Miller at Phantom Bookshop in Ventura, CA.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire something wonderful from the world's most beloved author and whose whose work has affected every facet of American life.
You won't find a set like these anywhere but through Phantom Bookshop.

A set of the five famous books by Ray Bradbury...each book and 4 of these jackets, fine as shown in the photos.
Something Wicked This Way Comes

The llustrated Man

The Martian Chronicles

Dandelion Wine
The October Country

The set shown is the set you are buying. I acquired these over time as they were issued and presented each one of them to the literary and world icon Ray Bradbury for his signatures. It

The signatures in each book as shown.

I will provide each book with a letter of assurance for signature authenticity. What you are seeing here is what you will be receiving. These took a lot of effort on my part to acquire these, some waiting, and most importantly Ray Bradbury was kind enough to do the signing for me over time. I do not have to tell you what kind of impact this great man has had on literature, or for that matter, society itself. Ray Bradbury has created himself as an American icon as well as world icon.

I would suggest that, if you are a Bradbury fan get these. You will be very glad you did as time passes on.

PLEASE NOTE! We reserve the option to cancel your bid if you have an unsatisfactory feedback. For overseas sales, we reserve the same option to cancel your bid, unless we have previously done business with you or your establishment and/or your establishment has a well recognized reputation for integrity in the rare and used book trade.

Thank you. Sir John Anthony Miller

at Phantom Bookshop in California.

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