Ray Stephen Oche/Matumbo NO DISCRIMINATION Afro Funk ♫

Ray Stephen Oche and his Matumbo

No Discrimination - LP
listen to a collage of tracks from this fantastic album

from the liner notes: "...After the memorable "Festival De Montparanasse", in 1970, Ray Stephen Oche joined "Alan Silva and his Celestial Communications Orchestra" for several concerts and festivals. In 1971 Ray collaborated with "Noah Howard Quartet" and played for the Copenhague Radio and television, at the university of the town and at the "Montmartre Jazz Club" . After having worked extenseively in Germany and Holland. Ray comes back to Paris where he founded his "Freedom Suite Orchestra"..."

LABEL: Esperance , France, early 70's
SELECTION #: ESP 155 508

CONDITION: Disc: MINT- Couple of tiny faint marks. Beautiful surface.
Laminated Cover: Near Mint. Promotional sticker on back (“Echantillon Gratuit. Interdi A La Vente”). Some very light general wear.

Ada Ode (Idoma)
La Trompette Appelle Le Peuple Du Nigeria (Trumpet Calls The People of Nigeria)
Qye La Paix S’Etende Sur Le Pays Kenema (Peace Upon Kenemaland)
Aux Sources Du Jazz (At The Jazz Fountain)
Ayipe Assa

Meditation Au Bord Du Fleuve Benoue (Benue Meditiations)
Owoicho Oche
Down Beat Beat Special
Oh! Ciel De La Cite De Kano (Kano City Sky)
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